leading the new era of battery production: reuters europe automotive summit 2024
leading the new era of battery production: reuters europe automotive summit 2024
2024/5/29 8:48:00
leading the new era of battery production: reuters europe automotive summit 2024

leading the new era of battery production: reuters europe automotive summit 2024

pioneering a new era: leveraging technology to lead the next generation of battery production

reuters events automotive europe 2024

at the reuters events automotive europe 2024 summit, rept vice president cao kai shared groundbreaking insights during the panel discussion "leveraging technology to produce the next generation of batteries." the event delved into how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the battery manufacturing landscape, setting new benchmarks for production efficiency and innovation in battery technology.


embracing advanced materials and technologies

cao kai highlighted rept’s experience in delivering battery packs to stellantis during the pandemic. by continuously developing efficient and feasible solutions, overcoming challenges, and optimizing costs, rept received high praise from its clients.

he focused on the company's self-developed innovative battery cell technology—qianzhong technology. this technology integrates several core innovations, including battery cell structure innovation, process technology, equipment technology, and electrochemical solid-liquid interface technology. these advancements are crucial for improving battery capacity, energy density, safety, lifespan, and cost-effectiveness.

integrating industry 4.0 technologies

cao emphasized that one key element in enhancing production efficiency is integrating industry 4.0 technologies into battery manufacturing. by leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, rept is optimizing the precision, scalability, and adaptability of its production lines, improving battery quality, and ensuring that production scale and efficiency meet the growing global demand for new energy.

building a resilient supply chain

another key topic of discussion was the importance of establishing a resilient and stable supply chain. in today’s volatile new energy market, ensuring consistent and affordable costs is crucial. cao outlined strategies to enhance supply chain resilience, ensuring rept can maintain stable production while guaranteeing quality and price. the company is actively responding to market demands, adhering to a global-local strategy, with plans to use the southeast asian market as an initial anchor point before expanding further into the european market.

vip dinner hosted by rept

on the day of the event, rept hosted a vip dinner, facilitated by reuters, gathering representatives from the new energy power industry’s entire supply chain, including oems and major manufacturers. attendees engaged in open discussions, shared industry trends, and collectively contributed their insights and expertise towards the future development of the new energy power sector.

this event showcased rept’s profound understanding of the new landscape in the new energy battery industry and its commitment to playing a key role in advancing next-generation battery technologies. rept will continue to embrace innovation, moving towards a more sustainable and intelligent energy future.

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