the space utilization rate of wending battery is effectively increased by more than 7%

the "wending" battery shortens the length of the tab, changes its connection method with the adapter piece, and adopts integrated wending technology to realize the integrated connection of the internal structure of the battery cell, reducing the original top space from 15mm to 8mm, effectively increasing the space utilization rate by more than 7%.

scl die-cutting technology

avoid double-knife die-cutting in the die-cutting stage to produce spiked steps on the pole pieces, improve the utilization of the top space of the positive and negative cores, thereby improving the use of battery space.

detachable ctp technology

by optimizing the design of the battery cell and module structure, the battery pack is destructured. removable technology reduces battery maintenance requirements and facilitates recycling.

minimalist cover technology

compared with the traditional injection-molded top cover structure and riveted and welded top cover structure, this technology can improve the effective and available power of the battery cell, and reduce the battery weight and production cost.

internal circulation self-balancing technology

by using special additives in the battery, the power of different cells can be flexibly adjusted during the charging process to improve the consistency of the power.